By Simon Gilchrist.

Whether a brand is new or old, social media dramatically increases awareness of a company brand, its products and services. 

An e-commerce store selling a product no one knows about requires the power of social media awareness building to generate an audience.

Social media marketing, in conjunction with other forms of content marketing, is incredibly powerful and allows the smallest of businesses to appear much larger, which allows them to compete with their larger competitors. 

We always encourage our customers to have a hands-on approach to their social media channels and ensure that they are engaging with their audience as well as our agency. 

Communication and working together with our customers to generate real-world content from the people making the product or selling the service has far more organic engagement than overdone marketing content. 

We like to make sure that our team has as much faith in the product or service as our customer does. We don’t want our clients to have unrealistic expectations for their product if we don’t believe there is a market for it.

Audience refinement and seeing our customers achieving success creates a huge amount of pride amongst our team. Our customer’s success is our success and it is something that we strive for every minute we are working on social media campaigns for our customers.

We work with our customers to achieve their goals, which is one of the reasons we have been able to achieve so much success with our social media campaigns. By developing a quality working relationship where both sides understand who the audience is and what message we are trying to convey, we can ensure success.

At Marketing Together, we have assisted startups go from $0 to $3,000,000 revenue in less than 12 months through the power of quality social media advertising.

Simon Gilchrist has been working in marketing on the Gold Coast for more than 15 years. He is currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Marketing Together.