who are we?

a team with your business in mind

Marketing Together was founded by two cousins who saw a need for a full service local marketing company to help promote their growing portfolio of businesses. After experiencing huge success using one team to market their several companies, they decided to expand the marketing service to other Australian businesses.

Our team includes a wide range of professionals from marketing specialists, content writers, graphic designers, web developers and videographers.


what are we?

marketing agency

Creating custom strategies to propel your business is our goal. We design marketing packages to suit you and your businesses individual needs. There are so many options for your marketing and we know what will work best for each businesses needs. This specialisation is the key to making the most of your marketing budget. 

We will determine which marketing route you will find the most success in. Whether that is digital marketing, print marketing, radio or television advertising, or a unique combination of several strategys. 

Our specialists will work through all aspects of your target audience and competition to find the most effective means of providing your business with the best ROI.

where are we?

Burleigh, Gold Coast

Our agency is located in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

We specialise in helping local Gold Coast business, but we also have customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK.




By engaging with a marketing team rather than hiring in house you receive more bang for your buck. Rather than hiring one person; with us for the same price, you get our team of content creators, designers, marketing specialists and writers. This means you are getting many talented people who’s skills will be combined  to excel your marketing systems.

We believe that it is integral that your marketing team works together with you to ensure that your business is successful.

We’re not just a marketing agency. We work with every one of our clients on helping them to not only market their business properly, but also on streamlining processes within their business to help ensure their success.

when can we

make an appointment

There’s no time like the present to make an impact in your business. 

If you feel like you are ready to take your business to the next level click the link below to book a call back or contact our team on 1300 200 990.

raise awareness with


Like it or not social media platforms are here to stay. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms are fantastic tools for promoting your brand / product or service online.

Our team can work with you on targeted advertising, creation of content and creating funnels that will help to grow your business.


help them find you on


If you can’t be found on Google, your missing out. We can help you get your business found on Google with Google Ads, Content Marketing and retargeting campaigns designed to encourage consumers not only to visit your business once, but to keep coming back again and again.

bring them back with


Don’t waste the leads you have already invested in obtaining. Target your existing and past customers with regular emails, automated campaigns and other strategies to increase conversions and ensure that your clients are always aware of your products and services.