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Google Search can make or break a business. So much work can go into developing your website and brand, but if no one can find you on Google… what’s the point?

Google Search is where you will find an audience with ‘Purchase Intent‘. That means the people ready to buy are searching for you on Google.

Over 65% of buyers with the intent to purchase, click on Google Ads in the search. Even if you are featuring amazingly on organic search, you still want to harness that 65% market.

Marketing Together build and manage Google Ad campaigns for our partners. It is important when constructing ad campaigns that you maximise your ROI by considering all of the factors.

With Google Ads your website, products and brand can start being found in searches within hours – not months!


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The key words.

Pardon the pun. We research and construct your campaigns ensuring they achieve the best ROI.

Keyword Analysis

Using the right keywords and the right combination of keywords is vital to your Google Ads campaigns. We assess everything from search volumes to average bid estimates to ensure your campaign is getting the right traffic to your website. We utilise our keyword research in all aspects of your campaign, to maximise your return on investment.

Advertising Copy

Poor or misleading copy will have the wrong visitors on your website wasting your advertising spend in no time. Your copy should be clear, concise, appealing to your audience and keyword heavy to get you great click through rates and conversions on the other side.

Audience Targeting

Refining the demographics for your campaigns and limiting target areas is incredibly effective when you want to target audiences. Marketing Together can construct specific audiences for your campaigns and increase your ROI.

Search & Display Networks

Google Ads are incredibly effective in search, but they also provide great value through their partner networks and display campaigns. Brand awareness and retargeting aren’t only for social media, they thrive on Google too.

Landing Pages

We consider all aspects of your Google Ads campaigns. Marketing Together will analyse your website landing pages and make updates and changes when required to help your advertising convert.

Conversion Tracking

If it can be tracked. We recommend you track it. Knowledge is power and understanding the value of your advertising campaigns is crucial. We will work with you to ensure we can provide you with accurate ROI reporting.

But… How?

Depending on what you want out of Google Ads, a strategy needs to be developed in alignment with your goals and appropriate campaign types must be determined.

Often, people miss this oh-so crucial step.

You also need a compound understanding of SEO. Which keywords are popular? What topics are people talking about right now? At what times is my target audience searching for information?

Besides the need to understand SEO comes the ability to actually implement it. What’s meant by that? The power of words, baby!

Google Ads work with a bidding system. Every campaign goes up for auction against thousands of similar campaigns with only the most compelling one getting the best exposure time and spot.

Not only do you have to choose the right campaign type, understand SEO and know of the hottest topics talked about right now, you also need to write the ad.

Crafting three concise yet gripping sentences that will make your business stand out from competitors takes more practice than one might think. It’s gotta be: Short. Sweet. Saucy.

Plus then there is your call-to-action. The all important CTA!

It’s the cherry on top. The icing on the cake. It’s your make or break, your… You know what I mean! It’s super important.

The nitty gritty.
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