Google To Slam Security Warning On Your Website

If you own a website, please read all of this short post. You’ll only need a couple of minutes, and the information could save your business.

In January 2017, Google is making a change which will affect most small business websites in Australia. (Links to Google announcement and references at the bottom of this post)

Warning is grey in January and will eventually be red, as shown in image above

.Here’s what’s going on…

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular internet browser. It owns 73.8% market share.

In January, Google Chrome will label your website ‘Not secure’ unless you install an SSL security certificate. The warning will be enough to make most people leave your site immediately.

How to check if your website is secure:

Look at the website address bar at the top of this page. You can see a padlock at the left side, which will be green if you’re on a computer. Also, the address starts with ‘https’ instead of the normal ‘http’.

These indicators tell you the connection between your device and my website is secure.

Open up a new tab in your browser and see if your website is the same. If it is, you’re ready for the Google change in January.

If you don’t have a secure website, don’t panic.

See below for an easy way to get what you need…

Most website owners use ‘shared hosting.’ You can’t put an SSL certificate straight onto a site with shared hosting. You have to buy a ‘dedicated IP address.’

By the time you buy everything, and pay for installation and configuration, you’ll spend more than $500. And you’ll still be left with a website on ‘shared hosting.

So, I’ve put together the perfect way for you to get exactly what you need

…and get away from ‘crappy’ shared hosting
…and at a fraction of the cost.

Website visitors are your future and current customers. You want customers to have a good experience. So, your website should be secure and fast loading. (This is exactly what Google wants too.)

It’s time to make the move and get fast cloud-server hosting and a fully installed SSL certificate.

Now, you’ve probably heard cloud hosting is expensive?

Usually, it is.

But I’ve put our Professional Business Cloud Hosting Package on special offer..

Rather than list a heap of hosting technical jargon, here’s a quick summary of what you get:

Amazon Cloud Server Hosting – Your customers will enjoy fast and reliable connections wherever they are in the world.

Burstable Server Resources – This means the servers ‘grow’ when you get spikes in visitors.

Mirrored Server Configuration – This means we always have a duplicate server running, ready to take over if there’s a problem.

14 Days of Rolling Daily ‘Backups’ – Every day we take a snapshot of your site. We can restore your site from a backup within about 30 minutes.

SSL Installation & Configuration – We install a new SSL certificate on your site every 60 days. This strengthens the security of your site. (You can have unlimited SSL certificates)

FREE Bonus: Order today and we’ll move your website to us completely free of charge. (Normally $150)

30 Day “No Quibble” Peace Of Mind Guarantee
If you’re not happy with your hosting package for any reason within 30 Days of today, I’ll promptly refund you every cent (within 1 business day) and help you move your website to a new provider of your choice.

We’ll send you an order confirmation and will contact you to arrange the migration of your site.

P.S. Do you have specific technical requirements for your hosting environment? Order today and secure our low-cost offer and, although unlikely, if we can’t meet your needs, I’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund.



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