Mega Thing Logo

It’s a Mega Thing Audiovisual Brief

The use of the audio was to be versatile, catchy, fun and recognisable for branding purposes.

  • Product Launch
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Staff profiles
  • Marketing audiovisual content

We looked for something that could resemble;

  • Budget
  • Availability
  • Variety
  • Delivery

Visually we want to appear fun, cheeky and impactful with the emphasis on the word “thing” being shaped as a smile much to the psychology of “Amazon” once more feelin

Audio Inspiration

What does It’s a Mega Thing sound like?

Upon meeting with “It’s a Mega Thing” there has been a sense of fun, cheekiness, freshness and pride. So we wanted to create something catchy that felt familiar and bring the It’s a Mega Thing smile to the face of those that are listening.

We went on a search for something with a little bite, pop and transition. We wanted something that would resemble to work ethic and pride of the team at the warehouse with the recovery renovations in mind we would like to create a sound for It’s a Mega Thing that would stand timelessly with a fresh feeling to compliment the office changes and the resilience of the business through the impact of the floods.

The Process

Our team took the brief from the meeting and the visuals of the online presence of It’s a Mega Thing and had brainstorm;

As a business name “It’s a Mega Thing has an adjective and a noun, organically ending wth “thing.”

As a business It’s a Mega Thing is not limited to stocking only one thing, it is actually quite the opposite therefore we were looking to have the sound feel more pluralised by dragging the “thing” at the end out quite like a smirk or smile. Leaving a happy high feeling in the ears of those listening.

We looked to mention all the keywords of the It’s a Mega Thing brief in more of a jingle although we found it challenging to include such words as supplies or delivery without the trend of dragging each impact word. Therefore we went through a few revisions of instrumental and taglines and we sampled an more bold jingle line that we included for your reference.

Each concept obtains three files the first is instrumental, followed by the audio and tagline and you will find the final file is just for concept feedback.


1. very large; huge.
“he has signed a mega deal to make five movies”

2. excellent.
“it will be a mega film”

1. extremely.
“they are mega rich” 


1. an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to.
“look at that metal rail thing over there”

2. an inanimate material object as distinct from a living sentient being.
“I’m not a thing, not a work of art to be cherished”

Logo Animation Final


Video #1 – Mortgage Choice – V2

Please review the Mega Thing to Business video below.

Video #2 – Gifting Poscas – V4

Please review the Mega Thing to Gift video below.

Video #3 – Mum Advert – Final

Please review the Mega Thing to Mum video below.