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Inbound content marketing is our all in one marketing service. Our team of digital marketing experts produce quality, relevant content & offers for your website. By then promoting the content on social media, your can collect leads, send marketing emails and retarget customers to convert sales.

The Content Marketing Process

Content Marketing can be confusing to many. How does it work? What am I getting? How do I know whats going on? We have laid out our processes, so you can better understand how content marketing works, why it works and what is involved.


Audience Research. Competitor Research. Persona Creation.

Who is your ideal customer? Thats who we need to reach. Through the process, we identify your ideal customers through personas we create with you. We can then use this information to target your audience and start building a relationship with them.


Editorial Calendar. Content Creation. Social Media Advertising.

Now that we now who they are, we need to get their attention. Knowing your audience also means we can work out what platform to reach them on. Whether it be, mobile marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Adwords.

To start building the relationship we need to target these people with content they will find interesting.


Retargeting. Social Media Advertising.

We may have their email account or we may have placed a pixel, but we now have a lead. It is time to establish some trust and build a relationship with your lead. Through automated emails and strategically created Facebook content we can now start sending information about your brand straight to the customer.

The Lead

Offer Promotion. Retargeting. Social Media Advertising.

There looking at you know! We need to capture some information from them. Usually we will do this with a targeted landing page asking them to provide us with an email address in order to push through to the information they want. The information can be almost anything: a free video, an article, an event, a free trail, a demonstration or a webinar – this is where we can capture the lead and start to establish your brand with the potential customer.


Email Marketing. Social Media Retargeting.

After building and audience and gathering leads, we now work on converting all this potential into sales. We do this through offers and other promotions.


Phone Consultations. Digital Reporting.

One of the most important steps in content marketing. Communicating with our customers. We are constantly reviewing the traffic and flows of users through our marketing process. We keep our clients informed and report on the campaign at regular intervals.

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