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Even if you’re currently advertising on Google, your campaigns could be performing better.


Fact is, non-existent or poorly performing Google PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are costing you money.

But don’t worry, there is a solution.

We can implement PPC campaigns or optimise your current ones to make sure you get a massive return on your investment.

Even better, results will come within days not months.

Well-crafted persuasive ad text coupled with our expert knowledge of campaign optimisation means you can buy dollars for cents for your business.

This leaves you free to worry about fulfilling orders or servicing clients instead of stressing over poorly performing advertising and wasted ad budgets.

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We’ll book you in for a quick, free 30 minute introductory call!

We’ll discuss your business, goals and strategy for your Google ad campaigns


We get to work! It’s proposal time.

If you’re happy with the consultation and we both feel like we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll come back to you with a proposal outlining all the good stuff you’ll get, before you commit to a cent.

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Fill out our enquiry form (It’s no obligation.)

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We’ll book you in for a quick, free 30 minute introductory call!

We’ll discuss your business, goals and strategy for your Google ad campaigns


We get to work! It’s proposal time.

If you’re happy with the consultation and we both feel like we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll come back to you with a proposal outlining all the good stuff you’ll get, before you commit to a cent.

Does this sound familiar?

People aren’t coming to my website 😅
We don’t have enough leads 😰
I need more sales! 💸

It’s a problem many businesses face.

As long as you ignore the benefits of a professionally structured Google Ads campaign you’ll continue to have these problems.

Even worse, the gap between you and your competitors will continue to widen.

You have the power to change this – by embracing Google PPC.

Thousands if not millions of people search everyday for the exact product or service you offer.

These people have purchase intent, meaning that they are ready to spend money.

Google PPC ads allow you to connect with these people actively, providing them with an instant solution.

With Google Ads, your problems will be more like:

We’ve run out of stock 📦😅
We need to hire more staff 🤷🏼‍♂️
We need to expand our warehousing
That’s the power of Google Ads.

Many people try to run their own Google ads and end up burning through their ad budget with a negative return on investment.

Our certified strategists do this every day.

And the best part is you can see for yourself in the reporting that you are getting a positive return on your investment.

So why wait?

Start buying dollars for cents.

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We’ve spent millions of dollars on PPC campaigns.


This has resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

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Still need more reasons?

Huge increase in quality leads

Huge increase in online sales

Drastically reduced cost per acquisition

More phone calls to your business


Clear reporting so you can see results

Faster results and Massive ROI

We know you have questions

What is PPC advertising?

PPC advertising entails placing offers on search engines precisely where people seek products or services. Its objective is to ensure potential customers are aware of your presence, consider your offer, and ultimately, take action.

The essence of PPC advertising is to channel more traffic to your business. The great part is, you have the authority to direct this traffic. Are you aiming for increased website visits? Enhanced sales? Greater lead generation? Or perhaps, more foot traffic to your physical store? Based on your specific objective, we tailor ad campaigns to steer relevant traffic, thereby ensuring your budget isn’t utilised effectively.

How do we achieve this? Aligned with your unique goals, we devise highly focused ad campaigns. We continually fine-tune and experiment with various combinations and formats to yield optimal outcomes. Additionally, we ensure that the landing pages you choose to direct traffic to are impeccably optimised for conversions.

How much does it cost?

Here’s some great news! You only incur charges with Google Ads when they yield results. In other words, you’ll only be billed if someone interacts with your ads, like clicking to visit your website or placing a call to your business.

And here’s the even better news: Google Ads typically deliver an impressive average ROI of 800%. This implies that for every $1 you invest, you can expect to gain $8 in return. Hence, regardless of your budget, you can be confident in achieving noteworthy results.

How will I benefit from PPC advertising?

Google PPC offers a multitude of remarkable advantages. As we mentioned earlier, you only incur charges when someone engages with your ad. Another significant benefit is the speed at which you can see results.

Unlike SEO, Google PPC ads yield immediate results. This is because your ad is presented to people actively seeking relevant products or services. If you’re looking to boost traffic or generate leads promptly, PPC advertising is your go-to solution.

Perhaps the most exceptional advantage is the prompt feedback loop we have with the campaigns we manage for you. This enables us to swiftly fine-tune any advertising to ensure optimal performance.

How will I know if my PPC ad campaigns work or not?

We’re committed to delivering precise ROI reporting in collaboration with you. This entails providing live reporting accessible from any location, granting you valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns. Our dedication to optimising campaign outcomes means we’re constantly working to enhance results. Additionally, we extend a complimentary monthly consultation to review your results and address any questions or concerns you may have.

We are a results-driven agency.

We’re unable to provide a precise cost at this stage, as we require essential details about your business, customer base, industry, objectives, competitive landscape, and target keywords.

It’s imperative for us to grasp your current business infrastructure to ensure it’s capable of handling the increased volume of business generated by our Google Ad PPC campaigns.

Here’s what we can assure you:

Once you take a moment to fill out the form located at the top of this page and schedule your complimentary consultation, you won’t be disappointed.

If the consultation proves successful and we both find synergy, we’ll present you with a fully outlined strategy before any financial commitment.

The value of this offer is substantial.

You even have the option to implement our recommendations independently, as we assume all the risk.

Yet, based on our track record, we’re confident that when you review our strategies, keyword analysis, and campaign proposal, you’ll be fully on board.

Consider this: if you had the chance to exchange a $1 coin for $3, you’d seize it, wouldn’t you?

Achieving a 3X return on investment from ad spend follows the same principle.

What’s more, we consistently deliver our clients an even higher ROI…

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