Cheap do-it-yourself website services outnumber the world’s rabbit population. So what is the value of a professionally designed website? Pro-built websites are more expensive than some DIY alternatives, but the benefits to your business exceed, many times over, the costs.

1. A professional website encourages visitors to trust. What is one of the major tenets of business? Professionalism. You know the first impression a business must make is one of capability and authority. Otherwise, potential customers may develop doubts about your services and/or products.

These days, many customers’ first contact with your business is your business’ website. If web design is not your area of expertise, and if you do not invest in professional web design services, then your customers may not risk doing business with you. An amateur website does not inspire confidence.

2. Professional web design is more functional. Professional web designers produce not only more aesthetic results but also more functional websites. If a customer must work harder to navigate your website, the customer may become frustrated and leave. Without professional-grade skills and knowledge, building an easy-to-use website is difficult.

3. A custom-made website is a unique website. On the Internet, the competition is global. Establishing your business’ unique identity is critical. Yet, limited skills lead to limited websites. A lack of experience and knowledge in advanced web design translates into a lack of ways to make a website unique. Professional web designers can embody your brand’s essence into a hand-crafted website.

4. Time is Money. Web design is a complicated subject, with several coding languages one must know. There are functional, SEO, and aesthetic concerns. Weaving all these elements together into a website quite a project.

Websites must also be compatible with traditional computers and mobile devices, not to mention different Internet browsers. In the future, a website will need updates. This includes new content and changes made necessary by advancing technology.

Learning how to a build and maintain a quality website is a long and often frustrating process. The time and resources required by such a learning curve may make less economic sense than hiring experts in the first place.

5. Have you considered content? An efficient website with eye-catching design is not enough. The lifeblood of any website is content. Great web design opens the door, but your content makes the sale. The text and media that make up the body of your website is your stage to show off what your company can do. Professional writers can produce copy that sells your business. They can also make sure your content is properly optimised for search engines. When expert web design and writing are wed, a professional website is born.

There is much to consider when building a website for your business. Hiring professionals can take the stress (and guesswork) off of you.