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Have you checked to see if you’re eligible for  the QLD governments $5000 business basics grant?

Below is the criteria to be selected for the grant:

  • Your business must have fewer than 20 employees
  • You must have an active Australian business number (ABN)
  • Your business must be registered for GST
  • You must not have been approved for funding under round 1 or 2 of the business basics Grant.
  • Owners of the business must not be insolvent or an undischarged bankrupt.
  • Your business has an expected turnover of $300,000 or less for the current financial year
  • Your business is headquartered in QLD
  • Your business must be located in SE Queensland or a Queensland regional area

If you are eligible please enter your details into the form.

You must complete your expression of interest to us within the next 24 hours if you would like our help with the application.

Once we receive your enquiry we will contact you and work with you on everything needed for you to apply for the $5000 grant.

If you are successful you can get a brand new website or digital marketing services thanks to the QLD government!

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