Get Reviews

That generate revenue!

Positive reviews mean more sales, leads
and revenue for your business.

Nine out of ten customers read reviews
before buying products or engaging
businesses for services.


of customers read reviews before visiting a business


of customers will read reviews of local businesses


of consumers will wait until they read reviews before taking action.


of customers spend more when a business has positive reviews.

Ignoring your online reputation is a costly mistake.

If you only have a few, or worse, no reviews online
or you’ve ignored poor reviews,potential customers will question if they
should do business with you.

The problem is made worse if a competitor has a better online
reputation than you.

Which makes sense right?

You’re in trouble if:

You only have a few reviews

You have bad reviews or a low rating

You have competitors with better review scores than you

Which company would

you choose?


The one with a ton of positive reviews from customers outlining what a great experience they’ve had?

Or the one with no reviews or worse… Bad reviews.

It’s a no brainer for you and it’s a no brainer for your customers.

If you’re not the first company, let us fix that for you…


we’ve created QReview!

A review generation system that not only generates consistent growth of reviews, but also helps stop bad reviews from being posted publicly from unhappy customers.

So how do you generate

a consistent stream of

reviews for your business?

Is it by signing up to expensive review platforms?

No… Trust pilot is $2500 a year and it doesn’t even generate the reviews.

Do you make fake ones?

Not at all! Review platforms like google business use clever technology to flag fake reviews based on IP identification and other technologies.

Thankfully it’s simple to get started.

Order our review generation system and we’ll set you up to generate reviews on autopilot..

A study from Reevoo found that 50 or more reviews can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rate.

Could you do with a 4.6% increase in sales?

How much revenue would that mean for you?

Your competitors will be doing everything they can to generate reviews, showing your customers why they should choose them instead of you.

If you do nothing about it, the problem will only get worse.

We’ve tested our review generation system with both small local businesses as well as with large national companies.

Our development team build the required landing pages used to funnel prospects towards leaving you a positive review.

They also build the negative feedback flow that allows you to capture negative reviews before they are posted online.

Giving you insight into areas of your business where you can improve such as more staff training, using a better shipping provider or implementing better processes.


of customers say they use Google reviews to find businesses


of local businesses maintain a four-star review or higher

Need more reasons to order a review generation system?

Increased visibility

in local search results from good reviews on your google business listing

Increased trust

from potential customers

Increased conversion

rates for leads and sales on your website

A boost in phone calls

to your business

Push any existing bad reviews

to the bottom of your google listing

So how does it work?

We setup and optimise your Google business listing.

The first thing we do is make sure your Google business listing is claimed.

If not, we’ll help you get it arranged.

We can also set you up so reviews are generated on other platforms such as facebook, trip advisor or

Pretty much wherever you would like to have reviews listed.

We build the process.

Your review system will have three web pages that divide happy and unhappy customers.

The first landing page is to simply ask a customer if they had a good or poor experience.

The second landing page is for if they selected yes they had a good experience with your company.

This is the page where we thank them for their feedback and ask them to leave a positive review of their experience linking them through to your review platforms of choice.

The third is if they said they did not have a good experience.

This is where we capture their grievance on a webform and send it back to you, allowing you to address the issue privately with the customer while avoiding a public bad review.

We launch the process.

Once the process is built, we provide you with a unique link.

This link can be sent to customers through email marketing or sent via text message after the successful completion of a job or transaction.

The slow and steady distribution of the feedback link means organic growth of your review count.

This is an important trust signal for both Google and customers. It means your reviews won’t have a “fake” feel to them because after all, they are real organic reviews from your customers!


of consumers have avoided a company due to a bad review...


of shoppers say they always read online reviews. Businesses with a minimum of 200 reviews generate twice as much revenue...

How do I get started? Easy!

We know you will have questions around how this all works…

We’ll need to know a few things about your business too so the best thing for you to do is click the button and fill out the form. We’ll give you a quick call to explain how it all works (obligation free of course) so you can get all the information before deciding whether or not to proceed.

How do I get started? Easy!

We know you will have questions around how this all works…

We’ll need to know a few things about your business too so the best thing for you to do is fill out the form. We’ll give you a quick 10 min call to explain how it all works (obligation free of course) so you can get all the information before deciding whether or not to proceed.

Book your obligation
free call for more info

Enter your details to find out more about how you can get started.


So what’s included in the service?

Within two weeks we’ll have the following for your business…

Three landing pages to direct traffic towards a review

Custom unique feedback link that gets sent to customers

The form for unhappy feedback

Feedback Poster

Google business listing setup

We’ll also show you how to use the link in email campaigns that encourage
your customer list to provide you with a happy review.

Still unsure?

Order your review generation system today and we’ll design a custom A4 poster that includes a unique QR code customers can scan to leave a review on your google business listing.

You can put this poster in your reception area or use the
QR code in other areas such as on your business cards,
giving you the best chance of generating as many positive
reviews as possible.

Scan (or click/tap) the QR code to check out our example of the complimentary designed poster you will receive…


Qr Code

How much is a new

customer worth to you?


How many new customers do you need to cover the cost of this system? One? Two? Ten?

Don’t you think having a ton of positive reviews online will make closing prospects a whole lot easier?

Can you afford to not have positive reviews about your business online?

Your competitors are generating reviews.


When will you start doing the same?

Generating reviews on
your Google business
listing does more than just
increase trust in your


Generating reviews on your Google business listing does more than just increase trust in your brand.

It’s also a trust signal to Google, demonstrating your authority so they feel comfortable showing your business listing in local searches. (Put simply you get more website traffic from Google)

But review growth needs to be organic.

You can’t simply generate hundreds of reviews all at once or that looks suspicious to both customers and google.

It needs to grow organically.

That’s why we ask for a 12 month commitment in both our pricing models.

At the end of 12 months if you don’t wish to renew your subscription that’s fine, the reviews you generated will serve you well into the future. But we’re confident you won’t want to stop once you see how many reviews can be generated over 12 months.

So what are you waiting for?

Place your order

today and

start growing

your online reviews.

We know you have questions

What happens if I decide to proceed?

We will setup or optimise your google business listing. We’ll then spend a maximum of two weeks building the system for you. (Generally, we can deliver it much sooner than that, however). Once it’s ready we’ll send you the link so you can start using it in your email signatures and email marketing campaigns to generate reviews.

If I get no reviews can I get a refund?

Honestly we’ve never seen this happen. If you’re not getting reviews there may be an issue with how you’re using the system. If it truly isn’t generating any reviews for you we are happy to discuss a refund. But before we have that conversation we’ll check the analytics and troubleshoot how it’s being used to make sure it generates you positive reviews.

Can I automate the review generation?

Absolutely, we will advise you on the best methods to use the system. If you have a database of clients or customers we can show you how to use your CRM (depending on what you use of course) to automate the process of review generation through the system.

If I choose the annual payment option is it cheaper?

Yes. If you choose the annual payment option you will save $193 (16.25% discount)

How long does it take after I order until it’s ready?

Generally we can have it up and running within a week for you, sometimes it may take us a little longer but we always say a maximum of two weeks just in case we have a lot of orders. It also depends on your google business listing. If you don’t have one setup at all we’ll help you get it up and running. But verification can take up to 14 days from Google. So in the meantime we’ll deploy the required landing pages so they’re ready once your verification comes through.

How exactly do I use the system?
Is this a once off payment or a subscription?

We have two payment options. The first option is an annual subscription of $995 + gst and requires a one year commitment before cancellation. It is billed yearly, each time it renews it gives you one year of use for the system to generate reviews. The second payment option is a monthly subscription. It also requires a one year commitment but allows you to pay in 12 installments over the year instead of in one lump annual sum. This is billed at $99 + gst per month.

How many reviews will I get?

The answer really depends on how many customers you have. Remember, the system is designed to encourage your customers to leave reviews. If you have hundreds of customers everyday then it’s possible to generate hundreds of reviews everyday. If you only have 3 customers a month then you might only get one review a month. Just remember, no matter how many reviews you get throughout the 12 months whether it’s 12 or 12000, the reviews drastically increase your chances of converting new customers.