5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Got an online store, but you’re not getting enough traffic? Learn 5 easy ways to get more traffic to your website. But how do you draw them to your website? You’ve invested all this time and effort into setting up your website, only to launch it and wonder where all the traffic is. Maybe you’ve had steady growth over the past few months, but now you hit a full stop on traffic and sales. Or maybe you’ve had success with one strategy of driving traffic and are just curious to find out about other ways. Whether you are attempting to attract your very first customer or your 10,000th customer, it’s all about generating that actual traffic to your website. This is a crucial part for the growth of your business, as more website traffic would mean more customers. And, if your site is optimised for conversions, more customers means more sales. So, how do you drive more traffic to your site? Let’s see what you need to know first about web traffic before launching into the depths of how to increase it.

Things to Know About Web Traffic

The good news is that the process of getting your very first customer compared to your ten thousandth is exactly the same. But, in today’s digital world with the overload of misinformation, who and what is actually going to help you turn traffic into sales? Is it the latest “proven traffic system” that you just purchased for $999 that promised you unicorn results? Or maybe the latest released YouTube video by an internet marketer rambling on about how you can drive limitless traffic to your site? Nope. They’re both definitely not going to help you. How do you really get people to notice you? The truth is, it isn’t as easy anymore. In a sea full of ever-evolving businesses, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be that one glowing fish. But, that’s why we are here! We are here to help you adopt methods that have been tried and tested – so you can increase your web traffic.

Understanding Where Your Traffic Comes From

There are two major ways you can effectively drive web traffic. The first one doesn’ts cost you anything and involves things like starting a blog, search engine optimization or having a strong social media presence. The second one is the paid method. Paid ads can increase web traffic, but be aware that this could bleed your wallet too. I will come straight to the point here: If you don’t know much about things like conversion rates and tracking of clicks, you will fail with paid traffic. Nevertheless, the more organised you are, the more success you will have with either of these methods. So, first you want to understand where traffic is coming from. The most simple way is to use the Urching Tracking Module (UTM) codes within Google Analytics. These codes allow you to break down traffic and see where it really comes from. You can find more information about UTM codes and how to use them here.

How to Drive Web Traffic

Let’s get started now that you have an understanding of the basic areas around web traffic and how to track it.
We are going to look into three organic and two paid methods for you to increase your web traffic.

Organic Traffic Methods

Number 1: Implement Killer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you don’t understand SEO by now, you are truly missing out on some amazing perks. Explore all the benefits that SEO offers and make sure you don’t break the rules. If you understand SEO, it can seriously supercharge your results.

Number 2: Write Punchy Content

Everyone knows it: Content is king. And when you can create punchy, mouthwatering content on your site, gosh you are going to bring back customers over and over again. Another benefit is that the better your content is, the higher the visitor engagement will be. And the more customers are engaged, the more they will share the content, further promoting your site.

Number 3: Use Email Direct Marketing

Email direct marketing is an effective way to drive web traffic and turn conversions into sales. However, it also requires you to create a lead magnet and build a sales funnel (if you haven’t already done so). This enables you to expand your current customer list and market to them any offers you have.

Paid Traffic Methods

Number 4: Conduct Social Media Ad Campaigns

Paid social media ads let you create campaigns that are highly tailored to your target audience. This will ensure that the customers who will see your ads will most likely click through and make a purchase through your online store. Some platforms to consider are Facebook, Instagram, Google and Pinterest. Consider on what platforms your target audience is most socially active.

Number 5: Collaborate for Paid Giveaways

Partnering up with known companies that have a large customer base and leave a significant footprint is another way to drive traffic to your website. Think about something of value to potential customers that you can give away. Then consider the companies who share similar values as you do and start collaborating! Incorporating these five proven methods into your marketing strategy will help you generate more web traffic to your online store. Most importantly, more traffic to your site means more opportunities to turn those potential customers into buying customers.

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