Gain high intent customers through

Google Ads.

Are you taking advantage of the one platform in the world with 4.3 billion users? What about a platform with 92.24% marketshare?

You’re probably even questioning if this even exists? Or just some marketers sales copy. Funny thing is, chances are you’ve probably used it today, and I would bet you would struggle to remember the last time you didn’t use this platform. What is this mystical thing I speak of?
Google ads is the one tool in every performance marketers tool belt they can rely on.

Marketing to high intent consumers, what does this mean? It means they’ve got dollars and they want to spend them on your business, but what happens if you’re not there when they need you most?
Your competition are there, taking your customers, taking your sales, taking your revenue.
Our Google ads specialists create laser targeted ads that DEMAND attention to drive clicks. From there clicks drive revenue. Assuming of course you have an up to date, efficient and easy to use website.
At Marketing Together we use time tested strategies that are constantly tweaked to drive every percentage of performance we can. Why? So you can make the most money possible from performance marketing.
It’s like magic but for us, it’s our passion. Your results are our success.

Heard enough?
…amazing personalised customer service, I’m extremely happy”


Google ads is the single fastest way to
and drive sales. If built correctly, campaigns can start delivering unprecedented results from day one. Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding.
Google ads can
for any
at any time, it simply comes down to strategy and implementation.
Showing the right ad when a prospective customer is searching for a solution is
With Google Ads

Our Google ads specialists create laser targeted ads that demand attention to drive clicks.

From there clicks drive revenue. 
We get it, you have probably been promised the world by another agency? Taken for a ride with empty promises? Happens all too often unfortunately.
At Marketing Together we virtually guarantee results, the reason we can do this and others can’t is because we have the knowledge, expertise and passion, we’ve made it happen time and time again, so we’re pretty confident we’ve got it under wraps.

We do the research on your business, align your goals and craft a strategy built for success.
Jenny Gray
Jenny Gray
Thanks so much for the great work done by Celeste, Simon, Jess and the rest of the team at Marketing Together in promoting our business. We very much appreciate the excellent & courteous service they provided for us at Wagtaildowns
Glasgow Building Inspections
Glasgow Building Inspections
Listened, created, supported, and worked well with the team at Marketing Together. Talented people. Thank you :)
Jenny Kritikos
Jenny Kritikos
I was very pleased with the update and revision of my website. I would like to thank Chris Sharples for taking a personal interest and helping make things happen. I would also like to thank Simon Gilchrist for all his time and effort in delivering a great website. I am really happy with the look and feel of my website.
Narelle Kristiansen
Narelle Kristiansen
Simon and the team at Marketing Together brought my website vision to life. The team was great to work with and very supportive of any last minute changes that I wanted to make. We at Wandering Sol are thrilled with the end result and look forward to continuing to work with Marketing Together in the future.
Ashley Fluitsma
Ashley Fluitsma
Very happy with the service provided by Marketing Together. They were professional and incredibly accommodating from start to finish
PFD Foodservices
PFD Foodservices
Great company and fabulous service. Simon and the team presented (and then built) a user friendly website for us that exceeded our expectations, was on budget and on time. Highly recommend.
Frank Calabria
Frank Calabria
Great Marketing Team! Amazing personalised customer service. extremely happy with our new APP and the development and design process. Thanks Team Marketing Together, Awesome Job!!
Healing Bohemian French Bulldogs
Healing Bohemian French Bulldogs
I would like to highly recommend Jess & Tamara with helping my vision turn into reality for my new pet care range "Healing Bohemian Pet Products" that is due to launch very shortly. Thank you so much I am very happy with the work & will definitely be using your company for future marketing needs.
Joseph Nucifora
Joseph Nucifora
Done a great job of creating our shopify store. made it exactly how we needed it to be and was great to work with. Thanks for getting it done team!
Mick Ward
Mick Ward
Callum from Marketing together helped me sort out my webpage with updates etc. He went above and beyond with things I did not know. I have now changed to these guys as my web hosting as I know they will look after me compared to a previous hosting company. Thanks again Callum, it's great to deal with real genuine people like yourself. I highly recommend Marketing together. Mick Ward Kuvx Health and Fitness

for you..

We do all the
hard work

From your free consultation, we do the research, analyse the data and breakdown your business, all to deliver the best strategy built for success.
The reality is, if we aren’t 100% confident in delivering exceptional results for your business, we will provide suggestions on what needs to change. After all, we love our clients and want the absolute best for them. Unlike most money hungry agencies that will take on any business to turn over revenue, we CARE.
That’s our guarantee to you. You have nothing to lose any everything to gain with Marketing Together.
Take the leap,

you won’t regret it.

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