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It takes an average of 10 seconds for consumers to form an opinion of a company.

Having a quality brand matters way more than you think.

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Your brand story doesn’t start with a logo. First, we need to understand who you are, who your customers are and what voice do you want to use when communicating with them.

Our team will work with you to establish these factors, which will then lead us toward choosing the correct colours and typography for your brand.

Our goal is to establish an iconic brand, which means formulating a brand strategy. This is an essential step that many businesses are not aware of, but is imperative to your success.

With your brand strategy we look at your mission & vision, values, brand voice, logo, colours and typography. Simply said, we outline how you want your brand to be perceived. Creating a clear picture of your brand and maintaining it is key to forming a strong brand identity – allowing customers and stakeholders to form a strong connection with your brand.

What’s involved?

The art of creating an iconic brand involves both creativity and strategy. We invest time into researching your company, competition and customers to develop an insightful brand strategy. From that we conceptualise ideas on how to best express your brand’s values and personality both visually and emotionally.


Our team will discuss your business, services, products and goals. By identifying your target demographic and voice we can start developing your brand.


How are your brand assets going to be used? Will it be on social, on your car – will it be used on your products? We strive to develop a memorable brand for your business that works across all mediums.


We start by developing multiple concepts and refining them with you to ensure you have a strong brand that connects with you on all levels.


Once your brand is ready, we will supply the assets in all forms and can assist you with implementing it across all of your mediums.


If you are working with Marketing Together on marketing or software development, we will ensure we manage and respect your brand and its implementation.

Some of the brands we’ve brought to life