7 Ways to Get More Leads Now

Do you want more leads? Increase profits? Generating leads is one thing. Converting them into sales is what really matters.
Everything starts with creating an arousal or so-called ‘need’ for your business. Once you figured out what value you can offer to your customers, months can pass by attracting thousands of visitors. But without turning them into actual sales you are literally wasting opportunity. So how does that happen? First of all, you need a good number of leads. But not just any leads! You want quality leads that have high potential of getting transformed into opportunities. And to get these leads that most likely turn into sales requires some work. Here are 7 simple ways to generate more quality leads that have the best potential to convert.

1. Create Catchy Call-To-Actions (CTA’s)

There are a few things to consider when it comes to call-to-actions: Place, wording, colours. The position of CTA’s on your website is crucial. As observed in heat mapping it is best to place them “above the fold”. This is what the viewer sees on your page without having to scroll down. Also, CTA’s need to be super crisp, making it easy for the viewer to understand exactly what benefit they can expect. You want to answer the question of what in every CTA. For example, if you offer a free guide on living more sustainably, say it like “Download our FREE guide on how to live sustainably”. Don’t just say “Download now” – you want to be crystal clear with that. Lastly, colours matter. You want CTA’s to be the eyecatcher on your website. So make them pop!

2. Improve Landing Pages

Simplicity goes a long way, particularly on landing pages. Often businesses try to be too smart and quickly overdo it. This can go the opposite way and you can lose a viewer’s trust faster than winning it. The key is to clearly communicate what you have to offer. Again, don’t try and sugarcoat it as simple but clear offerings work much better. You also want to make sure that the headline of a landing page matches the CTA button. Otherwise you risk accidentally misleading the viewer, which can lead them to distrust you. Instagram’s website is a good example of using distinct communication that aligns with a captivating CTA.
Source: Instagram’s Website Simple communication also includes any type of form e.g., inquiries, contact us, sign up. They need to be concise and easy to read. Another way to improve landing pages is to include visual elements such as images, videos, illustrations, to better show what you offer. Want a website with high SEO standards, saucy CTAs and captivating content? Click here!

3. Produce Gripping Offers

Commonly, the one question customers have is “What will I get for my money?”. Luckily for you, there is an easy way of answering that question. Providing details about your offerings such as price, benefits and appeal sure is important. But what’s more important is to give your customer educational information about what your offering can do. Guidelines, case studies and white papers are a great example of doing exactly that. On top of that, you want to include links to each educational piece for the customer to find you again. Because if someone really likes what you do, you’d want to ensure they can get in touch with you, right?

4. Define a Killer Value Proposition

Your value proposition fortifies all your marketing efforts. It’s a short statement that describes why your offering satisfies your customer’s needs and how you are going to deliver it. When writing your value proposition you want to think about what perceived value your customers get. What functional benefits do they value most? Does your offering provide any emotional values such as feel-good attitude when buying your product or service? How does your offering make your customer feel? These are all questions that will help you define perceived value, which will further assist you in developing your value proposition.

5. Share Relevant Content

Creating relevant, engaging content is a must. You want to inform and entertain your target audiences. To do that, you need a content strategy in place that covers all stages in your sales funnel. Think about what customers want to see and what values they have at those different stages.
Another tip is to shift to creating more simple content. As seen in marketing trends for 2022, the future of content is simplicity. The customer of now and tomorrow wants to see real-life content that they can easily relate to.

6. Create a Variation of Forms

Forms on your website can give you valuable insight about your customers in terms of where they are at in their customer journey with you. For example, a first-time visitor of your site would probably want to fill out an inquiry or contact us form. Whereas a current customer of yours would be ready to fill out a longer form such as a survey. To boost quality leads, you need to have different forms available for different customers. Start with basic forms that only ask for the minimum details. Then, you slowly build on the forms to obtain valuable, secondary customer information. Accurately designed forms can better segment your leads, turning them into more quality leads.

7. Think of Alternative Traffic Sources

Most leads come from the usual sources such as Google and your website. There are a lot of alternatives to grow your leads. Mainly, these alternative sources consist of social media. Consider what platforms your target audience uses – you don’t have to choose them all! Only pick the ones that truly matter to your customers. After suitable platforms have been chosen, it’s time to create a social media marketing strategy. Social media offers many opportunities to drive lead generation. From social media marketing, to shoutouts, to giveaways. The latter in fact is still underrated. Giveaways and contests have the chance to go viral, decreasing the price per lead notably. Plus, it’s a great way to collect a large number of emails. Some companies have collected over 35,000 emails with just one contest! Now you should have a pretty good idea of how to generate and grow leads that have the highest potential of converting into sales.

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