Design tips for advertisements

How do you break through the noise of all the advertisements that are out there?

Follow these tips, and it will definitely be a good start.

  1. Keep it simple

Keep copy short and sharp- try to say something in a new way. Employ the principle of show, don’t tell and evoke strong emotional reactions with your words.

Be clear in what you are saying and include a catchy headline.

  1. Keep your target market in mind

Know your market- who they are and what they would be interested in. 

Be authentic and try to connect with your audience using humour and nostalgia.

  1. Add white space

Eyes don’t like printed advertisements with lots of words, so make sure there are sections of the page that are left without text.

  1. Find good images

Good visual images are memorable.

Try to create movement or something new. Have a colour theme and play with scale.

  1. Call to action

Include a persuasive call to action, your website and contact details, so that people can find out more and get in touch with you.

Finally, and most importantly, give your designer room to be creative. You never know what they might come up with when given the freedom to move.

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