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maximising your print advertising ROI

When it comes to print advertising it is important that you get it right. Once it is in circulation, it can be impossible to change. Targeted local area print advertising can be incredibly effective, just remember to ask yourself the following:


Have I included a CTA (call to action)?

Getting prospective customers to do what you want can be difficult at the best of times. Including a compelling call to action within your advertisement gives them clear direction on what you want them to do. Examples of a call to action include; “Call Now”, “Book Your Appointment”, “Visit our showroom”, “Arrange Your Free Quote”.

ROI Reporting

What makes my business stand out from the rest? Have I included that in my advertising?

Unique selling points (USPs) are a great way to get potential customers attention. Spend some time working out what makes your business different and why that would be enticing to your potential customers. It could be something as simple as “Australian owned”, “Locally Sourced”, “Lowest Prices”, “Quality Service”, “Fast Turnaround” or more detailed depending on your business and what you are able to provide.


Is my branding on point?  Does it gain attention and represent the vision of my business?

Your brand is important. It should be professional and consistent across all of your marketing collateral, whether it be online, on a vehicle, business card or your print advertising. Your brand should leave a memorable impression with your audience and show customers what they can expect from your business.


How do I track the effectiveness of my advertising? Am I getting a good ROI?

Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge the effectiveness of print advertising – short of asking every new customer – “How did you hear about us?”

If it is important to gauge an accurate measurement of your print marketing ROI, we recommend you include a unique offer with a code or create a unique landing page on your website which is listed on the advertising.

Is there anything else I need to do to improve the effectiveness of my print advertising?

Engaging with a marketing company to produce your print assets helps to ensure that your print advertising is maximising its potential and that it is working together with your other marketing strategies. Getting a good return on investment is important to every business, by engaging the services of industry professionals you can be sure that your money is being well invested.


raise awareness with


Like it or not social media platforms are here to stay. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms are fantastic tools for promoting your brand / product or service online.

Our team can work with you on targeted advertising, creation of content and creating funnels that will help to grow your business.


help them find you on


If you can’t be found on Google, your missing out. We can help you get your business found on Google with Google Ads, Content Marketing and retargeting campaigns designed to encourage consumers not only to visit your business once, but to keep coming back again and again.