how do I combine my

social media and print advertising?

Although print marketing and social media marketing may seem to be complete opposites, there are ways to combine the unique attributes of each medium to create effective multichannel marketing strategies.

There are a few great methods we recommend to leverage the offline benefits of print to drive online engagement on social media.

Flyers, Printing and Branding

Include social media buttons and links in your print marketing.

Tell your customers you are online and social by including social icons and follow buttons on your print materials and advertising. Including account handles or urls will help them find you right away.


URL’s & QR Codes

Make it simple and easy for your audience to find you by including URL’s or QR Codes leading to landing pages or your social channels.


Build Trust by Including Social Comments and Reviews in Your Print Ads

By informing readers of what people are saying about you across Facebook, Google, Instagram or Twitter you can provide social proof and build trust.


Create Special Offers for New Social Followers

Special offers are amazing for increasing your organic following. Including these offers in your print collateral can be effective.


Marketing Together can help your business with your social media marketing from one-off campaigns to ongoing marketing strategies. If you are interested in talking to us about how we can boost your business online book an obligation free quote.

raise awareness with


Like it or not social media platforms are here to stay. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms are fantastic tools for promoting your brand / product or service online.

Our team can work with you on targeted advertising, creation of content and creating funnels that will help to grow your business.


help them find you on


If you can’t be found on Google, your missing out. We can help you get your business found on Google with Google Ads, Content Marketing and retargeting campaigns designed to encourage consumers not only to visit your business once, but to keep coming back again and again.