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Be a social media boss by learning and implementing the following key principles for your business social media channels.

  1. Plan

This is step one to creating a great social media presence. Pre-plan with lots of post options, so that they can be substituted and moved around to fill gaps. Make a schedule, assign tasks and do your best to stick to it.

It’s useful to have a weekly or monthly theme and tie posts to that too.

  1. Don’t be on more than three social media platforms

Research all the social media platforms available and what they do, then pick three that are best suited to your business and what you need.

If you are on more than three social media channels, it’s not a good look. It will feel inauthentic and as if you are trying to be all things to everyone, instead of an expert in your area.

  1. Create quality content that your audience wants to read

Know who your audience is and what they may want to read about. Then deliver quality content in that genre. Inform, advise, educate and be authentic. This will ensure that your content is read, clicked on and shared. 

It will also start a two-way conversation, which is key building a relationship with your audience. Make sure you listen and respond in a timely manner with relevant comments.

  1. Learn how to automate everything

This includes posting across platforms, following, retweeting and personal messaging. This saves you time and also gives the impression that you are online and available to your customers at all times.

  1. Cross post, but customise to each platform

This also saves you time.

There are various platforms that can do this for you, like Hootsuite; and now that Facebook has bought Instagram, this can be done instantly while posting with a click of a button.

  1. Use hashtags, tag people and links

Hashtags link your content to curated feeds of other content in that subject area. This could also help you find new followers.

Tagging relevant people gets you buy in from those people, and hopefully a reshare.

A link is necessary to direct people towards your website or whatever it is that you are trying to get them to do.

Follow these key steps and grow your audience, and ultimately, your business.

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